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I am trying to use a esp8266 module with blynk on an Arduino uno .It is responding fine if I use the module on its own .But when I run the blynk code it does not detect the module.I presume this is because the reset pin.Whenever I connect it to gnd the esp works but the blynk program cannot be uploaded.When I disconnect the reset pin the esp does not work.

I need a solution fast because my competition is due in a few days.


Do you have the ESP8266 connected to pins 0 and 1 on your Uno? Those pins are used for communication with your computer, including uploads and Serial.print(). As you discovered, if you have the ESP8266 connected to pins 0 and 1 then you will no longer be able to upload to your Uno. There are a couple possible solutions:

  • Disconnect the ESP8266 (or use your reset trick) when you need to upload to the Uno. Then once you have the sketch uploaded to the Uno, unplug the Uno from your computer and reconnect (or bring out of reset) the ESP8266 so the ESP8266 will be able to be used again.
  • Use the SoftwareSerial library to create a serial port on some pins other than 0 and 1 and connect the ESP8266 module to those pins. Note that the SoftwareSerial library won't work reliably at 115200 baud, so you will need to configure your ESP8266 to communicate at a lower baud rate (like 9600).

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