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Topic: Makey Makey type of buttons on somebody's body.[QUESTIONS] (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


  Hey so I want to make a keyboard makeymakey type of  controls on a person.

   1-So is this possible? does the person has to have piercings?

   2-If it doesn't need piercings , do you think the conductivity of each button will be affected by sweat or static electricity?

  3-Can I mix a conductive material on each paint?is this the best way to make circuits? what is the way to make it with less lag?

    4- Can I make a slide volume controller easily?how do I do this?

   5-Can I make the connection to the arduino wirelessly? this would add a degree of coolness exponencially related to the performance of the dancer :P

Thank you, I'm a potatu


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