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Hi All,

This would be my first post at the forum, very new to Arduino or programming as such but definitely interested in Arduino.

I intend to make a GPS/GSM tracking unit for my car using Mega, Ublox neo 6m GPS and SIM 808 GSM module. The objective is to collect data at a scheduled interval and transmit once the ignitiion is on and stay dormant when ignition is off.

I watch a Youtube video which made a GPS tracking unit and started playing with the code, seems the unit was designed with NEO 7M GPS module which produces a specific message (NAV_PVT) which is crucial to gather GPS data to be transmitted by the GSM module. NEO 6M does not produce that perticular message and the data is spread over 5 messages in the NEO 6M (NAV-POSLLH, NAV-STATUS, NAV-SOL, NAV-TIMEUTC and NAV-VELNED).

The problem is when i try to get the 5 messages and extract data from them, nothing happens. I am able to extract data from the same GSM module with just 1 message, but not with multiple messages.

Could someone look at the code and suggest whats wrong ?

The Youtube link to the original sketch is : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lphe8Vih5VY

The Youtube link to get multiple message is : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylxwOg2pXrc

I have included the 3 sketches to the upload here (Original Sketch, My Sketch, and Ublox Multiple Messsages)

I intend to later add a CAN bus module and some sensors to the project.

Please note that I take no ownership of the codes, these were taken under GNU. Sharing is caring :)


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