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Hi to everyone,
It's my first time I'm working with an arduino, and  am trying to build a cnc machine.
I'm using an Atmega328P and 3 stepper motors I found in 3 old cd-drives, but I learned that I need some stepper motor drivers to make arduino dealing with the motors. Someone suggested me I have to use Easy Stepper Motor Driver but I do not know which model I have to use.
This project is not mine, but I am trying to make something similar o this:
I am sorry if this is not the right section but it is the first time I am using this forum, and I am sorry for my english.
I'd be very glad If someone cuold help me
Thank you


I only come onto this site occasionally, am surprised you didn't get an answer before this.
There are several projects similar to what you want to make on this forum,, search for CNC and you will find them, other than that look on YouTube for mini CNC, plenty there.

I have built several CNC bench top machines but not from salvaged DVD drive and each one is an improvement, I am now using Arduino UNO and believe it is the best control system so far.

These are the core components:
search on Ebay for the best price.

Driver 3 required.
DRV8825 purple version

Driver Shield 1 required
CNC Shield for DRV8825

Limit switches 6 required

Arduino UNO R3 or cheaper clone 1 required

You can build the machine as the video shows and use the drivers they use but the items i have listed will simply plug together

You will also need a computer and a Sender program, may I suggest UGS Platform, it is a very good option and is continually being upgraded, also, it is free.

Hope this helps.


Thank you very much for your suggestions, I really needed it.
So, in your opinion, can I use these motors to build it, or shall I use something bigger?


the motors from cd drives would never be strong enough for cutting metal depending on how important the machine will be Nema 23 motors are a better choice with higher current drivers and there are forums devoted to CNC diy stuff on the net with part sources


there are forums devoted to CNC diy stuff on the net with part sources
Thank you, I didn't even hope to see an answer again on this post;
Could you please suggest me one of those forums?
About Nema 23 motors they cost too much for what I was thinking to do.
This was only a project to show at the high schools exam

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