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Ah, well... So, last year all was well: Nicks sketches worked great and I insured all my new 328p's had nice little Optiboots.

Between then and now I installed at least one new Arduino IDE, and I admit the things are vastly better, (considering the horrible colors and such). Well, today I decided to burn at least one of the forths I've been gathering. Um.. Well.. OK, I tried to burn them and run them, (2 fails and a wtf?).

So, being tidy, I decide "Let's reinstall bootloaders and store the chips again" - D'OH!

Nicks' Detector still built and works, and it was seeing both the Uno and the ISP shield I hacked up. OK, good.
However, Arduino-IDE 1.6.8 it was choking and puking at the linker with the Board-Programmer.. At least 3 messages about missing and duplicate symbols.

I did manage to get all my 'resetting' done with the GI-issue "arduinoISP", (after a few hours of cursing and chipping swapping, etc). But, I thought I should try to contact Nick and post it for others.

Of course, as I sat here typing I was going to try to compile it again to cut&paste the messages.. Umm.. Don't ask me what or how, but the sketch built again, exactly as it used to build. It uploaded, and as I was typing to was busy trying to find a connected board (which it could not, as I put the shield 5' away).

So, at the same time: Apologies for a wasted post and I hope this helps someone else.

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