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I did try this and it works. I will tidy up the sketch and include it as an example. I also created a simple animated compass with moving needle and dial which I might add.
I am curious if you could provide examples to the hardware and sketch.  Is there a hardware design online to the display and the wiring?  Thank you in advance.


Ah, I forgot about that post.  I will search out the sketches and upload it within the next 24 hours.


Here's the compass demo, draws the compass in a Sprite then plots it to screen. Demo shows compass continuously rotating.  Not sure where I put the artificial horizon demo... but I will find it.

Runs on ESP8266 or ESP32 with TFT_eSPI library.


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Hi bodmer
I am happy to have you.
I want to make on RC SCALE HELI
I did a lot of web search.
Then I found your post
I'm with UNO and ST7735 TFT
Successful upload of demo file.
It's so cool
My videos https://youtu.be/cmZKbdqm7wg
Is there any ST-7789 library?
I want to apply it to ST7768 IPS TFT.
And I do not know how to work with the Gyro MP-6050.
Please let me know if there is a solution.

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