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Is there any way to connect sim900 gsm/gprs modem to cloud


Hi @pramod,

Unless your modem supports TLS/SSL this will not be possible. Arduino Cloud requires TLS/SSL.


Hi Snadeep,
Thanks for your reply.
Can you further clarify it because I am quite new to these terminologies.
What I wanted to ask was that just like MKR1000 or YUN shield is there any library suport to Sim 900 GSM/GPS modem for arduino create cloud?


Hi pramod,

This SIM 900 GSM/GPS library: https://github.com/MarcoMartines/GSM-GPRS-GPS-Shield does not appear to support TLS/SSL.  Only regular (insecure) TCP sockets. So, it is unable to connect to the Arduino Cloud.


Hi, Thanks Again

So do you know which make or modem can be used on Thingspeak.
Have you seen A6 from Ai Thinkers.


Or is it  a problem of library?


Unfortunately I don't have any experience with GSM modems.

I would suggest you ask the question in the Arduino GSM Shield forum section.




I am using a standard GSM/GPRS modem using SIM900A module with Arduino Mega to send data to thingspeak.com as a http client. I am using standard AT command set to to send http packet to thingspeak server on cloud.

I wish now to upgrade my client to https protocol since thingspeak supports both http and https (SSL)  protocols.

Can somebody please help me where to find a modem which has  SSL stack built-in?

I found a wifi shield (worth $49 or Rs. 5950 in India)  which has WiFi 101 library that has SSL feature but I find that a bit expensive for simple application.

Has somebody experimented with using any versions of esp8266 with SSL ?

Thanks in advance.
Prakash W Dandekar
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