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Good Morning all,

I'm trying to store data on the 101 EEPROM, but whenever I switch it off and on again, it seems the values have been erased/not available.

I have read that "The Arduino and Genuino 101 boards have an emulated EEPROM space of 1024 bytes."

Does that mean that I can not store data as in a UNO?

If this is the case, anyone has a suggestion of how to store data in a 101 that can be accessed after switching it off?

Thanks, Manuel.


Hi Manuel,
you can use CurieEEPROM library which comes bundled with Arduino101 core and has the same functionalities of EEPROM library (so you can write it, switch off the board and find the same information after booting again)



Thanks for your response, I changed the EEPROM.h in my code for CurieEEPROM.h and now it works.

Regards, Manuel.


Sep 26, 2016, 10:11 pm Last Edit: Sep 26, 2016, 11:47 pm by jccraig
The curieEEPROM library was available with the 1.0.6 version of the board manager, but appears to have gone away with version 1.0.7.  Do I just use the EEPROM library now with version 1.0.7?  Does it now handle the Curie module correctly?  (NOTE: I just found that this appears to be the case. Just use EEPROM for Curie module starting with 1.0.7, and code is then compatible with other Arduino boards)

On a related note, EEPROM.length() returns 2048 as the number of bytes available, although I read somewhere it was supposed to be 1024.  As I understand it, the EEPROM on the Curie module is being emulated, perhaps in the program flash area(?)  Can someone verify my understanding of how the Arduino 101 EEPROM memory is handled for the Curie module?

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