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I have downloaded 1.6.10 for linux64. However I cannot even build examples like Blink. I keep getting

sorry - this program has been built without plugin support
exit status 1

Board selected is Uno.

What the heck is going on?


Problem solved.
when ide is installed and run first time it creates a dir in user's home called .arduino15, using Linux. I noticed that the build used commands from there. But, this dir was created by ide 1.0.5.
Deleted the dir .arduino15/ and problem went away.




That only solves the problem if you don't have any other boards, like ATTiny or the ESP8266.  Otherwise the issue remains, as soon you enable again those boards.


The problems appears to be from platform.txt file in the Arduino main install folder.
I am using windows so this is "C:\Program Files\Arduino\hardware\arduino\avr"
When installing additional boards the ar program is switched from avr-ar to avr-gcc-ar, which requires the compiler to enable linker plugins when building.
To fix it I removed -fuse-linker-plugin from the compiler.c.elf.flags= line and replace avr-gcc-ar with avr-ar on the compiler.ar.cmd= line
After this I am able to compile  for both Arduino UNO and WeMos D1 R2 boards.

Hope this helps,

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