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Is there anyone here who knows anyone that will write code for a fee? I'm literally at wits end trying to write a sketch and now I'm willing to pay someone for it.
All I want is a sketch that will activate a servo motor once a laser beam has been tripped. Ugh! I need a Valium.



As INTP said - post it in "Gigs and Collaborations". There's a few people on this site who regularly scan it and who do jobs.


If you just would have posted your current code and explained the problems you have, your issue might very well have been resolved by now.

I guess this is a continuation from http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=417792.0
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Hi kidokwan,

What do you want the servo to do when the beam is broken? 

If the code already blinks an LED, it should be straight forward to activate a servo.

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Hi Pat. Thanks for the reply but I have already got my sketch by Power_Broker on this forum.
As for straight forward...... that is true if you are code/sketch proficient which I am not. I'm still learning the intricacies of the coding. Thank you.

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