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Please allow us to see a full screen of code.
I don't find that particularly useful, as then you have to open something up when you compile (verify) the code, which I do as I go to prevent simple mistakes vs trying to find them later in a multi-page sketch. Having multiple tabs helps to keep page length manageable.

You can always download Notepad++ and do your editing there if the IDE is lacking things.
UECIDE is another option for editing and compiling.

And there's always Atmel Studio

I find Arduino IDE 1.0.6 plenty for the coding I do, and have dabbled with 1.6.5r2 and 1.6.9 a little
but then I'm not a hardcore software engineer, just a hardware  engineer who knows enough software to get by with the 328/1284/2560 based projects I do. Once you get into 32-bit hardware, that's too much software for me. I'll design you a card, but I won't program at that level.
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Twenty percent of a 16x9 monitor is too much for a window that gets used for one minute out of an hour.
Try rotating to 9:16


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I don't think that sending people to an alternative IDE will improve Arduino's editor. This is a suggestion forum, is it not?

Would it really be such difficult to change the IDE allow the user to decide for themselves where the code and feedback portion of their screen should be?

Personally, I would want to see the 5 additional lines of code while I am editing, 6 if the thick bar was a thin line or went all to the bottom of the screen. Six lines may not seem like much, but the going from 34 lines to 40 would be a nice improvement while coding.


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Been following this thread and  here is my take on it.

Everyone has tried to help make Brenda's life easier with a good selection of answers and methods to help.

Brenda doesn't want that help.

Brenda wants his /  her own "custom" IDE.

He / she fails to realise that the IDE is meant to be used by the masses.
To do that it keeps a familiar format
That format allows people to ask questions without having to work out maybe why there is not a console at the bottom.
Its easy to ask a user what they see in a particular part of the screen.
Its easy to direct users to certain options.

Adding custom features "Ala-Brenda I want to move the file menu to this position and this window to that position and I don't want that window" has a very very good chance of breaking that standard.

That would add a massive influx of questions in the forum from somebody that just played around with it without understanding what they had done.

Gone would be "what do you see in the lower console" to be replaced by "I don't have a lower console" "how do I get the console back", "where are the file options"
"I am sure I didn't do or change anything just fix it for me" and a whole raft of other issues.

Most of the more advanced people who program move on to bigger and better IDE's or development tools once they "outgrow" the Arduino offering.
The current one is meant to be simple and easy to use for somebody who just went and bought a board and wants to play with it right away even though they may not even know what they bought.
The "noobs" myself included don't want to have a degree in application management to get started.

They don't want an IDE that has the whole orchestra playing in the background without a conductor.
It may not be the answer you were looking for but its the one I am giving based on either experience, educated guess, google or the fact that you gave nothing to go with in the first place so I used my wonky crystal ball.


I actually think it would be useful to have a hide/show sort of button on the console that switches between the console being hidden and being the last size set. I think the console window is just as important as the editor window and I certainly use it more than one minute out of an hour. When I'm writing code I examine all warnings on every compile and fix any that I can, that requires the console window to be fairly large but when I'm writing code I want as much editor area as possible. This means I'm constantly resizing the console window. Being able to click a button would be faster and easier. I actually think using an external editor would be a good option because then I could just leave the console window expanded all the time but I'm still barely managing to convince myself to continue using the Arduino IDE's editor because I like to beta test and report bugs to the developers so no external editor for me.

2.) I wish the serial monitor could be docked as a side bar attached to the main window. I am always having to raise it, but by then I've missed what I wanted to watch. I often use the serial monitor for debugging programs.
That would be kind of cool but you can just tile the IDE window and the Serial Monitor window to achieve the same thing.

3.) I wish the temporary files were automatically deleted after a sketch was uploaded.
It's useful to keep the build files so that you can examine the generated code after arduino-builder has had its way with it. It usually does the right thing but sometimes it will mess up things like generated function prototypes and without being able to look at the code it's difficult to figure out what went wrong. I also use the build folder to automatically generate a disassembly from the .hex file. I could do this via Sketch > Export compiled Binary but I have no way of automatically determining the location of that file, whereas the build folder will always be the most recently created folder in the temp folder so it's easy to find the file. With any recent version of the Arduino IDE the temporary files are deleted when you exit the IDE so it really isn't such a big deal to have some small files on your hard drive for a little while.


Would it really be such difficult to change the IDE allow the user to decide for themselves where the code and feedback portion of their screen should be?
I've already told you how to resize those sections.  Why are you still asking how to do it?
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