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Please help me look for a product to solve these problems. Btw the information written here is based on the Philippine setting.

Flooding causes the local government to spend a lot of money because of the damages and a lot of people loses their shelter. According to an article the causes of flooding is damaged watersheds neglect of drainage systems and it has made the city vulnerable to enormous flooding.

Pedestrian Safety:
More than 270,000 pedestrians die on road accidents each year making them the most vulnerable road users. Causes are pedestrians donÂ't follow the right footpaths, inadequate space for footpath. Inadequate space for footpath is because of street vendors, illegal parking, and poor foot path surfaces.

Traffic Congestion:
There are several factors in causing the traffic congestion here in the city namely flash floods, vehicular accidents, on-going road constructions, Illegal parking, volume of cars, pedestrians (jaywalking), vendors, poor implementation with regards to traffic laws.

Redesign of Public Transportation(Tricycle):
Some Filipinos earn their living through driving public transportation vehicle(Tricycle) but some of them can't afford it because prices starts at 8,000php (189USD) for a second hand tricycle and for a developing country its expensive. So some of them improvises and uses a different kind of motor to run the vehicle but its illegal now to run it on bigger roads by that a lot of Filipinos loses their source of income.


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