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Hi bro...! I'm new to Arduino!! Currently using uno...Im.doin a project on Arduino drums! I successfully built a midi drums.
.now try to upgrade to e drum..I fetched the audio samples into the Arduino Uno..
Used piezo sensor as input ..getting output thr 11

PCM library

When I hit one piezo i can able to hear the sound..but when I hit two piezo simultaneously..(.I.e kick and hats at same time )o I can't able to hear the both sound same time...struggling alot n this issue.I googled ,but n't able to find a solution...plz help me to fix the problem...

Fetching sample to Arduino

Code example;-
Void loop(){

If { piezo 1 > 100)
startPlayback( sample 1);

If { piezo 2> 100)
startPlayback( sample 2);



Yes most Arduino sample players can only output one sound at a time.

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