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Aug 28, 2016, 04:10 am Last Edit: Aug 28, 2016, 04:29 am by Vulkan
im very new to this whole Arduino business, in fact this being my first project mainly because I was talking with some friends and thought this would be a fun idea. We have this Large Space Marine cut out (for those who don't know warhammer, its a super human covered in armor). The idea is that when you walk past this cut out, which is free standing he will shout out some audio files that I have, such as "For the Emperor". there would be 10 audio files that would be randomly played when people walked pass him.

For this project I sourced these components, as we are on a tight budget, most are Chinese knock offs.
The first component being the Arduino Uno: Here

The second being an MP3 music shield: Here

The last being the PIR module: Here

Construction wise, I believe the sound board sits atop the arduino uno board, and the pir sensor to any 5v, ground and pin 5, on the sound board. Speakers would be put into on of the sound board outputs.

The issue I have is with coding, I have no background with it, and don't currently understand it even with reading a fair amount. I would like to learn basic coding, so if it were possible that someone could either direct me to a place where I can learn what I need for this project or have some potential code that I could use.

I know there are a lot of other PIR sound players out there, but I don't understand code, and thus am having trouble interpreting it. If someone could even direct me to the exact stuff I need that would also be great.

(sorry, on another note, all audio files are currently ogg, which is compatible with the sound shield, but I could try convert to mp3 if necessary)



The lack of replies would seem to indicate that you're asking too much, that is, asking others to code your solution for you, so let's see if I can point you in the right direction.

You have four issues to resolve, and I can only suggest that you deal with each in turn before moving on to another, otherwise you'll get confused. After all, how do you eat an elephant? That's right, one bite at a time.

1. Get your Arduino running the Blink sketch so that you start to grasp some fundamentals
2. Get a simple PIR program running
3. Get the MP3 player running
4. Combine the above.

I have a series of over 50+ YouTube videos aimed at noobs just like you, to get your project off the ground by showing you some of the things an Arduino can do. Some of the videos are more technical than others, but they all aim to teach some lesson or other, in a very informal way. Choose the videos you think might help wisely and watch the entire thing, don't jump around!

The URL for my videos is in the footer of this post - have a look, take your time, learn as you go. If you like what you see do subscribe and spread the word too!

Just remember, you won't learn everything you want to learn in an hour; if done properly this could take several weeks but you may be able to short-circuit some lessons and get something working almost immediately. But rushings things will just get you frustrated!  :o

Enjoy and let others know here how you get on...  :)
My YouTube Arduino Videos: https://www.youtube.com/RalphBacon
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