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I am new to Arduino
I am trying to use the Simpletimer to turn off the button in 5 seconds if it is left on
If I comment out  timer.run(); then the est of the program will run but of course not timeout
if I uncomment the line then the program compiles but if I send a 'd' it does nothing
What am I missing?

Thank You

Name:    PushButtonBot.ino
Created:  8/31/2016 11:17:18 AM
Author: TAadmin
//Include any library needed
#include <SimpleTimer.h>

// Define default variables
char incomingbyte = 'a';
int pushButton = 6;
boolean buttonState = false;
SimpleTimer timer;

// Function to turn of button
void buttonTimeout() {
  digitalWrite(pushButton, HIGH);
  buttonState = false;

// the setup function runs once when you press reset or power the board
void setup() {
  pinMode(pushButton, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(pushButton, HIGH);
  buttonState = false ;
  timer.setInterval(5000, buttonTimeout);

// the loop function runs over and over again until power down or reset
void loop() {
// Read any incoming characters from the USB
  incomingbyte = Serial.read();

// Read current button state  0 = off 1 = On

  if (incomingbyte == 'u'){
      digitalWrite(pushButton, HIGH);
      buttonState = false;
  if (incomingbyte == 'd'){
      digitalWrite(pushButton, LOW);
      buttonState = true;



upDate: The button will engage but does not timeout in 5 seconds or ever


    timer.run() should be always called. Instead you call it only when "d" is received.


 incomingbyte = Serial.read();   You should read only if there is something to read.

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How have you got your button wired, do you have a pull down resistor to pull our input down when your button is open?

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