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@batata004 et al:

I think, we should not spoil the good mood in this forum.
So pls to whom it may concern: let's stop this kind of personal attacking and get back to a technical "Arduino level".

If not, I am out of this thread.
Before you ask:
Did you really read and understand How to use this forum ?
Do you have already some solution or is a part of the problem sitting in front of the screen?  :)


Sep 01, 2016, 04:31 pm Last Edit: Sep 01, 2016, 11:03 pm by raschemmel
Sorry for the misunderstanding.

In that case the forum software has a built in spell checker that will help you.
If you edit the post that contains this :
I prefer being stupid and creative than inteliggent cause inteligent people does exactly what @raschemmel just did, so they become an idiot in a blink of eye.
You will see that in edit mode the misspelled words are underlined red. If you right click on those the correct suggestions appear on a pop up menu.
I don't see anything to be gained by intentionally misspelling words (like "Trimpod" in your post title).  I would think that would just compound the language barrier. As far as the "speech"/"writing" issue, I help forum members in France, Italy and Germany on the international forum using Google Translate and I can't speak any of those languages. (just sayin') The forum spell checker should solve most of your spelling issues.

Ayway, if my english was not good, this thread wouldnt have gone so far with so many people helping
As I see it , this thread has gone on so long because you have (since the beginning) , refused to buy a meter to measure the voltage using the Pololu tutorial video.  There is no other explanation for a post about a trimpot lasting so long. The calibration would have taken 1 minute with a meter.
Instead we are dragging this out debating whether or not it is possible to calibrate a Pololu A4988 Stepper (NOT "step") Driver without using a DMM. Turn it too far one way and your motor doesn't get enough current. Turn it too far the other way it could get too much.

Remember this ? (Reply#2) (We're now on Reply#61)
It's not about money man... if anyone could tell me which wise to spin the trimpod it would be much easier than using a multimeter... hope someone can check that to me.
Almost all of the posts in this thread are about why you should use a meter. By your own admission you can afford it. So how long we going to go around in circles ?

I think the Global Moderater should lock this thread.


@raschemmel you just proved you are not creative and not inteligent, maybe you are in a limb where you are just a regular guy, a typical Joe. Congrats, you are like 99% of population. Now go f*** yourself as 99% of people do daily in their terrible underpaid jobs because they are just one more "Joe".
I think a moderator should lock this thread AND ban batata004 untill he grows up.


What, I need to say something else too?

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