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First of let me preface this by saying that I am something of a clueless noob, so forgive me if this is in the wrong area, and apologies in advance for my appalling lack of knowledge; I'm an artist, not a programmer.

Ok so the situation is this: I'm using the Arduino Wave shield as a sound effects/voice changing platform for a costume piece, following the Adafruit voice changer keypad tutorial. It's perfect for what i need except that the keypad is too big of an option. What I'm looking to do is have little tactile buttons, under the costume on a glove under my fingertips, so that I can discreetly just call up the sounds with minimal movement. The adafruit tutorial says with some modification to the sketch it can me made to use buttons as well.

So far, so good, i've got my Wave shield working with the mic and the little portable mono-amp. But at the end of the day, i'm just a rather clueless guy following a bunch of tutorials, and I cant find anything saying "you need to wire the buttons this way, and modify these lines of code." Now I probably can sit and work it all out but I'm kinda on a deadline with this costume, i dont have the luxury of much time.

The thing that's getting me is the Wiring for the switches as opposed to the keypad. I know the keypad works with a rows and collums sorta deal but I'm not entirely sure how that's gonna translate down into 4 buttons.  The other thing that gets me is the sketch. I'm clueless. I can make LEDs dance, and I can make servos wiggle but I'm way out of my comfort zone when it comes to the wave shield (but i'm willing to learn as much as I can!) I'm not sure how the sketch is gonna be affected by switching from a 3x4 keypad to four buttons, and I have no clue what i need to do to get it all working.

So yeah, in short: Need to switch out the keypad for 4 buttons, How do i wire it up and how do I modify the Adavoice sketch for 4 buttons? (essentially THIS, minus the LED)

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