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Hi clever people

I am brand new to all this but super excited to get started.

My project is to build a camera slider which can be adjusted trough an interactive LCD display (i.e. the total travel distance and speed can be set through the LCD before running code rather than programming each time).

I would love advice on how to code for this. I know there are probably links to this exact topic but not sure where to find.

Please assist.

Many thanks


Google "arduino camera slider" for lots of projects.


Break the project down into independent parts if you are going to do this yourself,
work on one at a time before trying to combine the parts - much more managable.
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Following from the good advice in Reply #2, you may get some ideas from Planning and Implementing a Program

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


search for dish antenna rotator projects, looks similar to me.

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