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I came across this Forum and thought maybe somebody can help me..

I'm trying to build a box to talk to CANBus and send ID packets to the ECU..

SO far i'm thinking Arduino UNO. It has enough EE prom to hold the packets I want to sent
and the SPARKFUN CAN Shield. to interface to CAN.

More specifically what I'm doing is an new model Engine with CANBus into an older non-Can vehicle.

OK, the new vehicle has 6 controllers hanging off the CANBus:

Traction Control, VDC, Transmission Control Module, Power Steering Control, Body Control, AND ECU...

I removed all but the ECU and BODY Control.. Car still runs but creates OBD2 codes can't communicate with
missing controllers.. As Expected!!! BUT, the ECU puts the car in Limp mode, or "failsafe mode", which limits the performance of the engine.

With this CANBus Shield I would like to send CAN packets to ECU emulating the missing controllers telling it everything is working OK. The ECU will then run it's normal engine maps and run good..

Looks like the hardware is there already, the next part, which i'm working on now, would be figuring out the CAN Id's to send.

One thing I'm not sure of is if the ECU send out a query packet asking if everything is ok and the CAN-Shield will respond, or do I just send packets every so many milli-seconds(20 I think), which I think is correct.

Thanks much,

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