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Arduino® - Maker to Market Workshop

Join our Wizard of Make, Bob Martin, on September 21, 2016, at Microchip's San Jose Office for an informative hands-on session covering advanced debugging techniques for Arduino® Sketches. This session will introduce you to the Arduino Sketch import function included in Studio 7, which allows for full source code debugging ability. You will receive the ATmega 328P Xplained Mini with an on-board debugger included.
This hands-on session will cover basic sketch import into Studio 7, using the Debug interface to obtain complete control of the AVR® ATmega328P, as well as power optimization techniques for Arduino sketches.  
You will also be provided with information on the JTAGICE3 debugger which allows the same debugging concepts to be applied to existing AVR-based microcontroller hardware whether it's Arduino-based or not.

Register today and receive approximately $65 in FREE Microchip product and invaluable time from our experts.
These sort of vendor presentations are generally pretty valuable; in exchange for listing to some of their marketing droids for a while, you get discounted or free hardware, and occasional valuable insights on doing something new.   This particular session seems like it will be relatively advanced, and requires that you already have Atmel Studio 7 installed on your laptop.  The JTAGICE3 is relatively old debugging hardware, but still works fine with AVRs.   And the Xplained Pro Mini 328p is essentially an Uno clone.

I haven't decided whether I'll be going; I've already got all that stuff :-)  But I thought I'd mention it here!

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