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I have the ADXRS610 Gyro from Sparkfun


I have been having a hard time figuring out how to convert the data from raw data to degrees.  If anyone has any code or can describe the process of converting that would be a great help.


from raw data to degrees

The output of a gyro is a rate (rad/sec or degrees/sec) - you can't get just "degrees".
According to the spec, the  device has a sensitivity of 6mV per degree per second.
The zero degrees per second point is halfway up the scale at 2.5V.
So, if your gyro is attached to an analogue pin, and the analogue reference is set to 5V, if the gyro isn't rotating, you should get a reading around 512.
Since your minimum sensitivity of the Arduino' analogue pins is about 4.9mV, you'll get just over one count per degree per second.

Post your code and your circuit if you don't get these sorts of values.


You are correct, the no movement values are about 512.  If it's 6 Mv per second then do I divide it by how many milliseconds I am taking the reading?  I am trying to take a reading every 20 milliseconds to get a decent refresh rate.

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