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Looking to higher a coder to make my hardware work. I've spec'd out and fabricated the motors and base, I've selected some other hardware to use but I'm open to some suggestions and changes.

Hardware for the base

Arduino nano and this stepper motor/relay board

Hardware for the remote

For the remote and communication with the base I was planning on using a 315MHz RF transmitter and receiver with another arduino nano and 4 push buttons.

Whoever takes this gig will not be liable for the functionality of the non electrical parts or motors. I'm not opposed to providing the right contractor with references with the boards and motors being used. I would like to have this done within 2 weeks.



What is it, exactly, that is to be sent between the two Arduinos?

There is software on that board, already, which expects GRBL input. That may not be compatible with your intentions. Reflashing the board in the device may not be a great idea, either.

What are the 4 push buttons for? Are you expecting to have each press step up or down, left or right? Or, are you expecting to press and hold a switch for continuous movement?


I'm going to make a general note here (even though the relevant people will probably never see it!).

Guys, I realize that often you buy parts and then realize you're in over your head. That's OK, it happens to all of us sometimes.

But if you start by asking for help before that point, it's often far easier to help you.You may have chosen inappropriate hardware that will then cost a lot more to get working than something simpler. If you know what you need to accomplish and then post "I need to do X. How much will it cost to have it done?" then people can choose the right parts for you, tell you what it will cost to buy those parts, code your sketch, and integrate it all and you'll probably end up paying a lot less overall.

I tried to address this problem at this link but I think maybe I should make the point better in another blog post.
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