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Hi , i bought a gsm shield 2 here : http://www.ebay.it/itm/1224-Arduino-GSM-Shield-2-con-antenna-integrata-scheda-SIM-NON-inclusa-/201326532169?hash=item2edfff1649:g:aFsAAOSwPhdVE9nj

I have a 4g sim Wind without pin but shield doesn't work.

I use the SendSMS examples of the library using gsm.begin() == GSM_READY but it's never ready and i can't send sms ..can anyone help me with this problem?



sometimes it is usefull to use an external power supply (max current needed 2A). Because of the Connection to the GSM NEtwork the Chip needs (peek) an higher current than the usb port offers (only 500mA) and that can probebly cause that your board resets after trying the gsm.begin()
it's just a tip, iam not shure if it solves the problem but if you want to send an sms you will need the power supply, trust me, otherwise gets the problem told above.
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