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Might this be a problem with running out of RAM, rather than a problem with your code?  (that seems to be the usual answer when otherwise inoffensive code clobbers your application)


the RAM theory is interesting.  i went back to my original code with the switch case for three buttons.  works fine.  as soon as i wrap the switch case in a conditional statement (perhaps heresy in the c world, i'm used the the squishy reality of javascript) the board chokes again.

at the moment i'm using a lilypad but for my final project i'll be using a mini 328 which has a whopping 2KB of RAM - i'll post back here if it works!

thanks everyone for the help!  i've learnt so much in this thread!  :D


just in case anyone is searching for the solution to a similar problem, this was solved by using a board with more RAM!  :)

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