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Do you really need stereo?  With the other PWM approaches, you get only mono, and rather low quality mono.

The STGL5000 has stereo DAC, stereo ADC, and a headphone amp.  If you only need a mono DAC, it's kinda overkill.


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Well actually the STGL5000 sounds perfect for the job for the following reasons.

The project at hand is a handheld game (but not a console or emulator for existing games - this one is for a my specific game). I'm a composer by primary trade, writing the score (soundtrack) for this game, which is in stereo. From the sound and music standpoint, stereo signal allows you to make up a more immersive experience depending on the sound mixing techniques.

Also, as a composer, the work I put into writing the detail and working on the mix of the music such as defining instruments in the stereo space would be lost if I would just play the sound in mono and with a lower resolution to that point.

So the stereo signal is the primary reason why I was excited to see that mp3 module I posted in the original post. It's plays stereo audio and at the common bitrate.
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► the Wav trigger board 50€ is an  high-fidelity polyphonic board
it can play and mix up to 14 stereo tracks simultaneously and independently, with very low latency.
or mp3 trigger

or Teensy 20$ + audio Adaptor Board 14$ https://www.pjrc.com/store/teensy3_audio.html

► I'm rather investigating using multiple DFPlayers with their own TF card via several Serial ports
https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/TF-Card-U-Disk-Mini-MP3-Player-Audio-Voice-Module-For-Arduino-DFPlay-Min-Board/32659645208.html 1€15

in addition with a audio mixer circuit like CrossRoads said in message #8
or more sophisticated circuits. Principle described here circuitlib.com how-to-build-an-audio-mixer LM833 op-amp

allaboutcircuits.com build-an-audio-mixer/ with LF347 op-amp + -12/+12V PSU

oscium.com how-build-audio-mixer with 1 Quad Operational Amplifier chip (LM324) + Microprocessor M68HC11E9BCFN2

electroschematics.com 3-channels-audio-mixer/ with LM3900 op-amp

But some circuits require +15V and -15V supply which is not easy to get... or the workaround of virtual ground.

Any circuit suggestion? :)

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