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That is where we had the 2 trigger pulses, for the DAC. So I went back to the single pulse for the trigger pulse.
Yes I understand that. What I am curious about is the two trigger outputs on the two different pins, one right after another. Not the positive and negative pulse to the DAC.

But the circuit that the DAC controlled, the one that actually supplied the pos and neg, could not provide enough power.
Is it worth redesigning that circuit to provide enough power?


Hi, OK those 2 trigger outputs were an experiment to drive a transformer in both polarities. With a center tapped winding, power applied to that tap and 2 transistors alternately grounding the 2 sides of the winding to create AC on the secondary. It worked but left a large spike on the secondary after the second pulse.
In reflection, for the testing I do I only need just a neg or pos signal alone. Some of the CDIs I build and test use just 1 pickup that produces pos and neg. If I only give them one polarity, only that part of the circuit responds so it does test only that circuit. The other polarity acts the same way with another part of the CDI.

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