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Looking to pay someone to write an arduino "follow me" code using the arduino pieces that I currently have. I'm a beginner and the project is a bit advanced for my time frame. I want my rc car to follow me wherever I go. If interested let me know and I will go into more detail.


Hi lavellhicks,

I think your plan to break the project into smaller pieces is an excellent idea.

What sensors do you plan to use? How will the car know where you are?

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I think a mechanical device is the simplest and most accurate way to make a follow-me cart. Think of a retractable dog leash but much lighter, with a rotary encoder and potentiometer will measure quite well direction and distance between cart and the person pulling it.


using the arduino pieces that I currently have.
That presumes that the pieces that you have are appropriate. Without knowing what those pieces are, I, for one, am not willing to agree that they are appropriate.


OP: please tell us what pieces you already have, what method your device will use to follow someone. After all - you could accomplish this without any arduino at all simply by attaching a dogleash and dragging the thing around. If that's not what you had in mind, to even decide whether or not I might be able to do your coding, I have to know what you are thinking of.


Apologize for the late response but i want the car to use GPS to always know where I am. So far I have two bipolar stepper motors, arduino uno, and an adafruit ultimate gps logging shield for the car. (a motor shield as well if needed but highly doubt it). I have a ultimate gps breakout and an arduino pro mini to be used for the tag.


The GPS is quite inacurate. It will follow you when distances are greater than few (3-5) meters, but
- it won't  follow you exactly, any nearby obstacles (like when you pass through a gate) might not be avoided,
- GPS signal may be shadowed in certain places - near trees, tall buildings, indoors.
- you didn't mention a communication means between tag and follower.


I guess, optical IR-receiver 36kHz IC on servo-motor - will scan the space.
and ultrasonic distance meter will show you the distance.
IR transceiver can be on enother arduino (on you). 


Not as concerned about objects in the way. But I am concerned with the accuracy. IR receiver sounds about right as long as it can reach up to 45-50 yards


I'm willing to change the hardware. Just need someone to take the project on.


But I am concerned with the accuracy
Being concerned without mentioning what  accuracy has to be, is not very useful.

Not as concerned about objects in the way
That's a strange environment. Can you be more specific about
- what this environment is
- how close the vehicle should follow its target

the project is a bit advanced for my time frame
It might be for anyone, what is the time frame?

A couple ultrasound sensors + triangulation might be useful, eventually with IMUs to compensate for ultrasound's inconsistent reliability (but hopefully without).
Without details about vehicle and its environment  no one can tell what are the chances to solve it in an unknown time frame.


Just to toss in another wrinkle - you mention significant distances (and possibly terrain), suggesting the car may get up to a modest speed while looking for you and navigating/approaching.

You need to handle the steering angle, acceleration & braking as well as obstacles and distance to calculate any meaningful navigation strategy.  Also consider movable challenges - a dog, stroller etc.

Running over those distances for an extended period of time at speed will require substantial batteries (=weight), so larger motors (=larger batteries = larger motors=larger batteries...) may be needed.

Is this simply a toy to follow you around while you play soccer, or a planned project with an end goal (excuse the pun!).   We need more info, as well as your location, as that may rule out contributing to your learning curve.
Experienced responders have a nose for laziness, (they were beginners once)... Sure, there are trolls, chest-beaters, and pretenders - but the help you'll get here is about as good as it gets - if you try to help youself!.


    This is almost exactly what I'm looking for.  I want a cooler to follow me as I walk from my truck to the softball field, beach, etc.  I'm an experienced licensed electrician, and a chronic tinkerer, so I can build and wire the thing easily, and I have boxes and boxes of Arduino and Raspberry Pi hardware and sensors sitting around.  I simply don't have the expertise or time to code and program the thing (having twins a few years ago sort of halted my learning this stuff).
     My plan is to use a 3-wheeled setup.  I will either have one motor to drive the rear wheels and a servo or actuator to turn the single front wheel, or use a motor on each rear wheel and steer by stopping or slowing one motor at a time.  That stuff is easy enough for me to handle, but how to make it follow me is what I'm having difficulty with.  It will be used in the open and as a sort of novelty, so obstacle avoidance, complex navigation, and high speed won't be terribly necessary.  I would think a beacon (IR or ultrasonic) would be the easiest thing, but I don't know how to code it.  I'm trying to do this fairly cheaply, hardware-wise, but I'd gladly pay some one of you experts out there to write the code for me so I can just upload it and maybe reverse engineer the thing a bit as I learn.  Thanks in advance.


How much you willing to pay?  That sounds like a pretty involved undertaking.  Won't be cheap. 
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