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Hello !

I proudly present my last Python project "Exode".

Exode is a library for communication between Arduino microcontroller boards and a connected computer.
It's designed to be really simple to use, here an example :

Code: [Select]

from Exode import *
uno = Board('/dev/tty.usb-3')

led = Led(13)

Once your Arduino connected to your device (computer, Rasberry Pi, smartphone ..) using a serial IO (usb/bluetooth), you're now allowed to have remote interactions with your board. And then :

  • You're not constrain to compile your source after each modifications
  • You can let your computer process the most complex tasks

The others advanges of this library are :

The Graphic User interface :

Easy to code

Code: [Select]

from Exode     import *
from Exode.UI  import *

uno= Board('/dev/cu.wchusbserial1410')
led= Led(13)

switchBox= ExdSwitchBox(target=led, value="lvl")
radioBox = ExdRadioBox(target=led, title="Led13", value="lvl")


Event-driven programming and Multithreading ...
You will found more informations here https://github.com/sne3ks/Exode

I hope you'll enjoy  ;)


Does that work on Win7 or Win10 as well? If not, what would be needed?
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Since I don't have this OS, I didn't be able to test .. but if python3 and kivy (only for the UI part) are installed, it should work.
Under worst-case, you'll have some problems to connect your board because it was not tested for Win. It's the only part of the source code where there's differences between OS. (https://github.com/sne3ks/Exode/blob/master/Exode/Core/boardManager.py)

If you would like to try it on window, please give me your feed-back. The installation guide can be found here : https://github.com/sne3ks/Exode/wiki/Installation-guide



The python 3 is required  because you have something specific to 3 in code or it was just your choice of writing it?


It was just a choice, I used to develop with python3.
But since the python2 and python3 syntax are different, you'll not be able to use python2. Thus python3 is required.

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