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Hi Guy's,

I am new to the arduino but basically I have a midi keyboard and i would like to be able to play it and as a result change the colour of LEDS.

Ideally I would like to know and understand the code that would allow me to change certain parameters in order for lights to change to specific colours depending on the exact notes i play.

Hopefully this makes some sort of sense



I've never done anything with MIDI but if your setup has a regular MIDI connector you can get a MIDI shield (or build one) and I'm sure there is a MIDI software library for receiving decoding the MIDI messages.

I think there's a library for USB MIDI too.

You should be able to find some examples of MIDI instruments, and that's almost what you're building except you are turning-on an LED instead of playing a note.    Overall, it should be easier to turn on an LED than play sounds because you don't have to worry about the character/quality of the sound.


It is exactly the same as this project.
Just replace the solenoids with LEDs.

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