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I think this is just bad design. :)

Like (many) other things with Arduino. 
In the case of the ProMicro you purchased, not breaking out the SS pin was a Sparkfun decision, not an Arduino decision.
"ProMicro Design by Spark Fun Electronics"

One example only - with older boards: placing the reset button almost in the "middle" of the pcb so there is no way to press it when you have a shield installed...
Reset is available on the Power header, so it's always easy to jumper in an external switch if one is needed during development - and that's practically the only time one it's ever needed.

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Sparkfun decision
Yes, exactly, it's a Sparkfun board or a knock off of a Sparkfun board if it is a Pro Micro.   There has never been an Arduino Pro Micro.   Pro Micro is not related to Arduino at all, except it so happens you can program it from the Arduino IDE.    Same story with the DF Robot Beetle, just another derivative board designed by some other company.

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