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I have built the Adafruit WAVE SHIELD and cannot get he SD card to initialize. All component pieces were purchased within the last few weeks from Adafruit, and I have done all suggested fixes three times, including altering the suggested sketch lines and library file. The card is a SanDisk 4 GB, formatted as suggested in the Adafruit instructions. I have tried several WAV files 7 the SD card works perfectly in the computer. Although this is not my final project, for testing purposes I pasted the uncompressed Pumkin Sound WAV files onto the card (and I also tried the other example files in the waveHC library top folder).

I continue to get the message "Error: Card init. failed! SD I/O error: 1, 0". Although the dapHC.pde and other sketches compile, upload to the UNO, and run. On one computer I also get an error message saying "Invalid library found in C:\Users\Dell User\Documents\Arduino\libraries\arduino: Missing 'author' from library." But the init error occurs on both computers.

Thanks in advance

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