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First post, new to Arduino just started to learn. I have been working on a concept for a robot and I want to move the platform using a remote control for now.

I have this code:


Which allows me to move the platform in all directions, but i want to have control over it. I can use a ps3/ps2 controller.

Now, i have two arduino boards, an atmega168 and a 101. The 101 of course has the Bluetooth but the mega is the one that is driving the platform.
I have connected both boards with the pins a4/5 and GND already just have to work out the magic with the program i think.

Can anyone point me in any direction?


just have to work out the magic with the program i think.
The first place to start is with the requirements. What, specifically, is each board supposed to do?
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Ok, so the mega will be driving the platform itself 4 motors with that code. The 101 will be driving the robotic arm, and telescopic lift. So 6 servos + 2 linear actuators.

I included a wifi shield to use it to monitor the process once I start integrating sensors. For now I just want to achieve basic movements.

Btw that code is loaded into the mega right now, haven't attempted to do any handshaking yet although ive been reading a few tutorials about that.

"Hardware im using:

Mega board


The motor shield appears here


The arduino 101

The servo shield


The motor shield



The 16 channel servo shield is using these channels for the robotic arm


For joints

A,B,C,D,E,F respectively (see attached picture)

The motor shield uses

M1 and M3


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i don't think wheels will make for a great 3d printing experience. Also, using a lift to increase z-height mostly likely won't work, since they sway quite a bit and your going to have huge problems with backlash. Combine that with the fact you appear to have limited hardware/software expertise... this seems destined for failure.
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