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I'm setting up a temperature/humidity sensor in my garage.

I want the device to send the data to a local server that will log ongoing data into a database.

I also want to be able to log in from my cellphone from outside the local network and check the temp and humidity.

Will I need to set the ESP8266 to Station Mode, AP mode, or BOTH Mode?

If I set it to STA (Station mode), then it will connect to my existing network.   Since the ESP8266 has no security built in, isn't that opening a portal for anyone to access my network?

If I set it to AP mode, how would I transmit the data from the device to my local network and access it from outside the local network?

I think I would have to set it to STA mode....is that correct?



Dec 04, 2017, 11:26 pm Last Edit: Dec 05, 2017, 12:03 am by quamikazee
yes, you will need STA mode.
The ESP supports WPA-PSK ... so it is per se not unsafer than any other device in your WIFI LAN ...
ESP8266 supports WPA-PSK ?  Cool.
Learn something new every day.    That changes things a bit


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