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I've finished decoding the pairing data, I was struggling because the data I've captured was garbage (my ground connection wasn't solid so the sniffed data contained random bytes).

In short: the byte that the remote sends to change the status of the light is replaced by 0xFF.
So we can safely conclude that the remote is rather dumb, and the data that it sends is alway the same independant of the receiver.


Sure makes the job of cloning the remote easier if you only need to send fixed codes all the time.
What would be nice is extra code to allow the clone remote to capture the old remote tx data and use it for it's pairing key (whatever bytes they may be).
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That's a good idee and I've done just that, I've written some code to read other remotes.
I didn't test it yet to clone a remote but reading the wireless data from other remotes now works on the arduino.
I've read the data from two other remotes than mine and found out that there are presumable only two address bytes.
So I can read the whole packet data and strip it to the address bytes (and save it in eeprom).

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