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Hi. I'm seb. I am a beginner in arduino. So I bought these speakers on amazon a long time ago, and now i want to use them with the ardunio. I do not know how to install them and play sound. Can anybody help?

Here is a picture:


You need an audio amplifier and you need to connect the speakers to the output of this amplifier.

The input of the amplifier needs to be connected to the audio signal you want to hear. So what sort of sounds do you want to play and what sort of Arduino do you have.

Very short sound samples can be played without any extra hardware but that is best suited spoken words like this clip shows:-

For longer speech and music you can use an AfaFruti wav shield https://www.adafruit.com/product/94
I made this with the equivalent circuit http://youtu.be/pL0pMAPkkVw

Or you can get an MP3 module or shield to play better quality sounds :- https://www.adafruit.com/products/1788
But there are lots of other people making the same sort of thing.

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