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Hi, I have the em-506 gps and 7' Nextion display(enhanced model) and I want to display the coordinates on the screen.
Its working gps and display for separate but when I connect both at the same time gps goes crazy (when gps get signal led blinks, in that moment if I connect the display, led stop blink. If I disconnect screen, gps blinks normally again).
I think it may be for the consumption of the screen.
GPS ->5V 34-50mA
Screen ->5V 510mA

Here is the schema.
(Charger is 5V 1A as they recommend)


Can you check the power supply voltages? - that would give you an idea.

The gps receiver is extremely sensitve, and only a tiny amount of interference will upset it. Is the display causing this?

try  adding several 1n capacitors across the psus and supply to the display AT THE DISPLAY




I see it´s not alimentation problem, interferences are caused by the electromagnetic field of the display.


I suggest you google translate "alimentation", it does not mean what you think it means.


I suggest you google translate "alimentation", it does not mean what you think it means.
Hmm, according to google translate it does :D

Translate to dutch (my native language) and it's "voeding". And in dutch a power supply is a "voeding". "voeding" has multiple meanings though but it boils down to food / feeding.
If you understand an example, use it.
If you don't understand an example, don't use it.

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