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Topic: UNO with MCP2515 <--> DUE with SN65HVD230 connecting via CAN BUS (Read 476 times) previous topic - next topic


Hi, I have been trying to get my UNO and DUE to talk to each other over CAN bus, by using the setup in the description.

So far I have used the CAN-BUS shield library example named; "send" to send messages from the UNO to the DUE. For the due I have used a DUE_CAN example named; "CAN_Autobaud" to check if communication is ok.

The result I end up with is: the due is able to read the message that the UNO transmits for about 1,5 seconds, and the reported baudrate according to the DUE autobaud code is alway half of what the UNO CAN baudrate is set to; ex: UNO CAN baudrate=500K , DUE CAN baudrate=250K.

I have not been able to read messages the other way around,and I am very curious as to why I am getting these results.

I am quite new to CAN communication, so any tips on what I could read to gain a better understanding would also be appreciated.

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