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I don't know anything about interfacing Arduino with a phone but can you use a Bluetooth module on the Arduino paired with the phone to send the command to make the call? It's one more link in the chain so might make the system less reliable compared to the sort of module Riva recommended but I'd guess it's about the same level of reliability as the solenoid idea and may also offer the possibility to add more advanced functionality later like text messaging or disabling the alarm using your phone.
Pert thats a really good question. and the answer is most likely yes.
More complicated yes

I have actually used a Bluetooth Tx with Arduino to send to a smart phone GUI app. It works well.
There are many ways to skin a cat. I was looking for a reliable KISS Alarm. Although using a servo
to push the phone seems antiquated it could be quite reliable. :)
Hoping the program /code would be reasonably simply too. The phone
sim card board may be powerful but would I have to drag out a lap top every time I wanted to make  a change to the call number? 


Cellular Remote Freeze Alarm  This is another application for this alarm. You could use temp switches
of even water sensors.   The device below could  do the trick for 800 dollers. not including the phone plan.


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