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Hi everybody,
we are really excited to let you know that we have finally published the Library Manager on the Arduino Web Editor!

The Arduino community has written over 700 libraries that you can include in your sketches without having to install a thing. You can browse through all of them in the Library Manager and favorite the ones you like the most. All the libraries available in the Library Manager are automatically detected, so you'll never need to install them to get your code to compile.

The Libraries panel is organized in three tabs:
- Arduino: lists read-only libraries authored and maintained by the Arduino team and its partners
- Favorites: lists the contributed libraries you starred as favorites in the Library Manager
- Custom: lists any kind of library uploaded as a .zip file (for example, libraries you wrote yourself)

Let us know what you think about it and please report any bug you might encounter!
Thanks a lot!



Many thanks for the hard work on the Library Manager.

I like how this is organized. I also like that libraries can now be downloaded. I consider this to be a big plus.

I think a little more info on how the libraries are used when compiling is needed.
What is the using/including order? Let's say I download an existing library, modify it to my needs and then upload it to the Custom Libraries. Which of the libraries will be used when building? I think the order needs to be 1-Custom, 2-Favorites and 3-Arduino. I didn't get the chance to test this yet. Could you please confirm?

How can a user add a Contributed library? Are all Custom libraries from all users automatically Contributed libraries? If not, maybe adding a "Contribute" button besides "Download Library".

There are a few things that I think would be useful for everybody:
1. The option of seeing the library source code without having to download it. Codebender offers the possibility to see the source code when CTRL+Clicking the include header. This could be so useful if it would also worked for enum values to see the source code, or at least somehow show the other possible values.

2. Another useful option I think would be a library editor. I'm thinking of something like adding 2 more buttons "View source code" and "Edit library" to the down arrow menu.
On "view source code" to just open the library like a read-only sketch. On "Edit library" to make a copy of the library, put that copy in Custom Libraries and open to edit just like a sketch.

3. Add a "Add new library" wizard. Right now, if I want to add a library, I have to first make it on my computer, zip it and then upload it.

Best regards,


What is the using/including order?
First of all it gives precedence to custom libraries.
Then it gives precedence to libraries that were included from the library manager with a specific version (not latest)
Then it chooses a library from all the other libraries that share the import (it's not deterministic, though)
How can a user add a Contributed library?
See https://github.com/arduino/Arduino/wiki/Library-Manager-FAQ

Are all Custom libraries from all users automatically Contributed libraries?
No, only libraries added to the Library Manager via the process in the FAQ linked above.

Hello,If not, maybe adding a "Contribute" button besides "Download Library".
I do think it would be smart to automate the process of adding libraries to Library Manager. The current system is pretty inefficient and seems to be quite a bit of work for agdl. It seems like it would be pretty easy to do. Quite frequently there is an issue with the release, metadata, or folder structure of the library so the automated system would need to notify the library author if the process failed.


Hi @bogdan90211
we are glad you like the Library Manager!

@pert thank you for answering all the other questions :)

Yes we are already working on a View source code/Modify library feature, as well many other testers required it. This way you will be able to modify your library and compile your code from a single application (differently from the Java IDE). We will keep you posted on our development progress and expected shipping date.

Thanks again!


@pert and @00alis.

Thank you both for your answers.  :)

Best regards,


My my library was added to Library Manager 7 hours ago, but it is not found in the Arduino Web Editor.
Here is the library: keybrd
Here is Arduino's github issue requesting it be added to the Library Manager: issue #5615

The library has some files and folders not covered in the 1.5 specifications:
Not clear from the Arduino-IDE-1.5:-Library-specification if that is allowed.


@wolfv the Library Manager is shared between the desktop and the online IDE so if it has been added, you should be see that in the Web Editor as well, it is the same repo :)



From my desktop Arduino IDE > Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries > Library Manager says:
keybrd Built-In by Wolfram Volpi Version 0.6.7 INSTALLED

So is keybrd library missing from my Arduino Web Editor a "Library Manager" issue, or an "Arduino Web editor" issue?


The same issue occurs with all libraries added to the Library Manager in the last 5 days(from FanController). They are found in the standard IDE Library Manager but not in the Create Editor.


Thanks for your report! Now they are all available on the Web IDE as well.

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