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I am attempting to use the Arduino in order to automatically program an alarm clock to the proper alarm time. The main issue I am having has to deal with getting the Arduino to connect pins from the LM8560 ic to the VSS pin. I am able to do this by connecting the Arduino ground to the IC's VSS pin, but I am unable to undo it (The button is pressed when the Arduino is on, but cannot be unpressed). I think the best solution to this would be to have the pin output set to low to press the button, but then I need to make the pin float when unpressed. Any ideas?


I guess I'm not clear..

What happens when the connected Arduino pin is HIGH?  (instead of low simulating a button press?)


Look into using an optocoupler to press the buttons. One optocoupler for each button.

Google "Arduino optocoupler" for more info.

// Per.

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