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There is no more sun, I will try tomorrow morning. Thanks


News: e-paper displays with DES technology

I just discovered this Power Point presentation from Good Display about (their) new technology:

Display Electronic Slurry(DES) Introduction

1.54 inch DES e-paper display high resolution 200x200 partial refresh GDEW0154M09


It seems very interesting, I'm glad that there are some researches going on in this field.
I've seen the presentation but they didn't mention speed improvements.
Anyways I'm impressed by the colours of the 6" full colour screen with the Dragon Ball image.



I'm using the partial refresh mode with several refresh as you advise in a previous post. But the screen goes clear after few seconds under the sunlight.
Have same problem with GDEH0213B73 and GxEPD2. The image disappears from the screen completely to white, even if I try to partial refresh a small part of it. If I do a full screen update, the behavior is the opposite, black areas remain black and white areas turn to gray. The image remains readable but the contrast is low. After a full screen refresh, I tried calling display.hibernate () but nothing changes

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