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Hi everyone. I need to make a device that vibrates when a switch is activated. Eventually would like to record the timestamp and switch events in an app, sd card or database. I know a little about Xcode. Would like the device to be small as possible for a wearable situation.

Where can I get started. Thank you!



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I doubt that you can program an Arduino in Xcode.  Arduino is programmed in C++.  The simplest way to program Arduino is with the free Arduino IDE available from the Download tab of this site.  There are small Arduino compatible boards like the Lilypad that are made for wearable projects.  Recording to an SD card is pretty easy with most Arduino boards.  A board like an ESP8266 can communicate with an app via WIFI (higher difficulty level).


You can program Arduinos in Xcode - see embedxcode. If you're a beginner, though, I would recommend using the simpler Arduino IDE first.


Thanks, I would like to program in something that saves a time stamp and switch activity at minimum.
I do not have a commercial application, I just want to create a device to monitor and record my head position. Activations. r

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