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Hie guys I have done a robot project using other microcontrollers but I have not yet done one with arduino. I recently purchased an arduino Due, arduino wifi shield 01, L298N Motor Driver, two 12V DC Motors, a magnetometer, a MPU6050, 4 HC-sr04 ultrasonic sensors, 2 IR sensors,V2 flame sensor, MQ2 gas sensor, arduino prototyping board, 12V DC Battery, 5V regulator, motor encoders, Switch and a buzzer.

I want to know the best way I can connect these components together using 2 ultrasonic sensors on the front of my chassis and one on each side and two IRs at the back.  I want it to be able to move autonomously with in an indoor environment. to be able to detect flame and gas in a room and move away from it while sounding a buzzer. and also to control it via an android app.

I have already assembled a chassis at home, now I want to deal with the electronics. any assistance rendered is truly appreciated. been trying to take some codes online but they seem not to compile.


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