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There is a new niche market I want to explore, but instead of jumping into (expensive) printed circuit, I would like to build Arduino prototype to prove the concept for start.

Project involved reading Bluetooth sensor, calculating some figures out of it (nothing crazy complicated) and sending pulse output to relay or SSR.

As I want to patent the product if it works, I cannot say anything more unless an NDA is signed.

I will need someone to help me to choose the right components, box them together and write the code.



Electronics and firmware/software design and assistance. No project too small


You could mention what type of data or what general field the product falls into. Music? Audio? Without some clue, I wouldn't be willing to sign an NDA, only then to discover that I was not interested.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


It's connected to wheels. This is as far as I can say without NDA.


Here's the problem with this level of secrecy: you will end up getting only the most desperate, or the least competent engineers involved in your project. The ones with half a clue will shake their heads and walk off.

There's nothing wrong with NDA's. Sometimes you need to protect yourself. But the protection of the NDA should be very tightly bounded. You don't need someone to sign an NDA before telling them that your project, e.g., is for a fuel controller for off-road motorcycles. That is useful information that anyone would want before wondering if they should get involved. Your NDA may cover the specifics of the algorithms you use, or the exact problem you are solving, etc.

But to say "it involves Bluetooth, sensors and is on wheels and anything else requires you to sign an NDA" is patently ridiculous. I can immediately think of at least three projects I've been involved in in the last year that fit that description and I'm pretty sure none of them bear any resemblance to your idea.

I'd suggest you reconsider.

Electronics and firmware/software design and assistance. No project too small


In general I understand and agree with what you are saying.

my problem is in 2 parts

1. It's really simple project. The whole description goes into 50 words. So anything I say is everything I have to say.

2. According to the law, having open discussion about the project and the idea will eliminate any rights of patenting it later on.

This is why.


Thanks for all the replay, Im already in contact with one of the guys replied. We are waiting to the components to arrive :)

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