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Hi folks,

just a quick heads up, I'l be travelling the next fews days, therefore there will be no chance to answer... although my answer rate dropped quite a bit anyways over the last few months ;)

Yes, had that closed.  Issue repeats every time.  Not sure if it is the windows machine, the version of excel or the PLX software but something isn't happy about all my data
Hi kcpilotguy:
I think the problem is, that you are checking for new values every 50ms only, but spamming Serial.println every loop (which can be like every 2ms as you have no heavy other operation in you loop). Try putting the Serial.println in the 50ms delay as well or creating a second delay-check for that. Too much fast data can flood and cras the input of PLX DAQ.

Hi Xendelaar:
thank you for your feedback and no worries here, no offence taken :) I am pissed myself Excel is crashing when there is too much data pouring in (see above), it is like the number one problem reported. I do have a glimpse of a hope there is a solution, as there is some other code I tried once and it was working more stable in the first test runs. Although I never found the time to fully implement and stress test it, it is number one on my bucket list for "the future"....
Increasing the baud rate really isn't the best way, as it is only how fast data is being transferred. The best way is to have a balance between speed and frequency. Like using 5600 baud but with a few delays in the Arduino code. If you really need fast data try to optimize the format. E.g. not sending DATE or TIME or not using the STRING cast. That way Arduino can work faster, baud rate can be decreased. In case of expert mode you might also eliminate the DATE and TIME command from Serial.println but put it in the VBA code to be printed by default. I never had an issue with the performance of the PC or Excel operations (just the API calls).

I know this isn't like the best answer to give, but that is all I can do for you at the moment. I am really looking forward to release 2.12 one day (or maybe it would already be 3.0?) but yeah ... time time time ...

Greetings to all of you


Thanks for the kind reply.  I will try to avoid sending data from the arduino to excel. I don't really need that information anyway.

I used my setup (arduino to excel odometer) last week during a sort of puzzle car rally. Everything worked pretty well... but after driving several hours I noticed that excel wasn't able to keep up writing the data from the arduino.
Excel only had to process two strings of text (date. Time. And wheel pulses) per second. It seems that after adding 17.000 lines Excel was having difficulty processing the data stream. I started noticing lag when I wasn't driving. Eventually it crashed.
Maybe removing the data and timer function will solve the problem. I'll have to test this.
 I used version 1.x last year (without prompting the data en timer) and that version seemed to be very stable.
So I've got my Hope's set on the removal of data and timer function. If that doesn't work. I' can always revert to version 1.x

I hope you'll have nice trip! Take care.
I'll be looking forward to any updates! :)

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