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Any one got this working over ethernet? Pairing with bluetooth is no choice.


i have problem getting the virtual shield working over wifi.  anyone has successfully done it?


I also have working in virtual shield. Pairing Bluetooth is best choice for you.


I have been unable to connect to the Virtual Shield using USB.

I have this code on my Sketch:

#include <ArduinoJson.h>
#include <VirtualShield.h>
#include <Text.h>

VirtualShield shield; // identify the shield
Text screen = Text(shield); // connect the screen

void setup()

 shield.begin(57600); // begin communication

 screen.clear(); // clear the screen
 screen.print("Hello Virtual Shields");

void loop()

And my Serial monitor demonstrates that the JSON is being sent to the Windows 10 via USB:

{'Service':'SYSTEM','Id':1,'Action':'START','TYPE':'!','LEN':160}{'Service':'LCDT','Id':2,'Action':'CLEAR','TYPE':'S'}{'Service':'LCDT','Id':3,'Message':'Hello Virtual Shields','TYPE':'S'}

I have, naturally, downloaded the Windows Virtual Shield onto Windows 10, however when I select the USB option from the dropdown, there is nothing to indicate that the Arduino has connected with it.

Has anyone at all had any success connecting the Arduino to the Virtual shield, using USB?

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