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Topic: Yun stucked if connect serial wire with uno. please help me (Read 536 times) previous topic - next topic


I have known to use hardware serial of yun, I have to use Serial1. so I have a test serial communication between PC and Yun using Serial. and It works well. then also I have a test PC and Uno. and it works well. but when I just connect yun and uno I think yun is stucked becasue i can see uno's loop is working. I have spent a huge time to solve this problem but I think I can not solve this myself. please give me any opinion. thank you. I open my all code attached


The Yun's serial TX and RX pins are used by the Bridge to talk to the linux side of the board.
If you are trying to connect the Uno's TX/RX to the Yun's TX/RX 0/1 pins then it won't work if you are using the Bridge.

Instead of using Serial1 per your sketch on the Yun, include the SoftwareSerial library and declare a set of pins to use. You can only use certain pins for RX on the Yun (same limitations as the Leonardo).

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