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The code insight feature have many IDEs and it is very useful feature for especially novices.

It would be nice for Arduino IDE to have that feature as well, at least to include list from official and user added libraries, if not complete AVR-GCC functions and classes.


Never heard of it.  Got a pointer to a description?


Nov 30, 2016, 10:53 am Last Edit: Nov 30, 2016, 11:06 am by arduino_314
The most important feature of that I pointing is "Code assistance" or "Code completion".

For instance JAVA:

Usual shortcut: Ctrl-Space

For instance:
- Typing  Serial.p and pressing Ctrl-Space will open popup menu with all Serial.p* available functions (print, println, put...)
- Typing  Serial. and pressing Ctrl-Space will open popup menu with all Serial

Choosing one of it will complete code inside editor.

Other code insight features I do not recommend.


Ah.   "Code completion" has been often requested.  But it's pretty difficult.


Nov 30, 2016, 04:59 pm Last Edit: Nov 30, 2016, 05:06 pm by arduino_314
Ah.   "Code completion" has been often requested.  But it's pretty difficult.
Difficult in which way?

Arduino have code parser, have a lexical analyzer, can find function prototypes and can open any source file? I believe nothing else is needed.

BTW, I have done all that in the past for custom designed CPU, now I would need only free time to study instruction set for AVRs and few MCU documentations in order to make my own compiler (at least for 328p and 2560 I'm currently play with)...

Making compiler I would rate pretty complex and difficult, not "Code completion" feature...
But it is fine with me if cannot be done.


The Arduino IDE is for the beginners and noobs. When you start wanting things like this you move on to a grown-up IDE like Eclipse and leave this kiddie stuff behind.  There are far more issues with Arduino IDE than code completion that annoy a real programmer. But those things are there for this IDE to serve its intended purpose of introducing noobs.
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Why Arduino IDE does not have a debug feature as the same as a traditional programming IDE. It would make easier for beginner instead of printing out every value in order to know what are running in the sketch. I believe that the developers who are building this IDE also know that. But why they still have not added such feature.

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