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Hello guys just another newbie question .. so im new with all this suff and i want to make dimmable power leds  so i ordered some power supply from ebay but they ofc like allways send the wrong one to me istead of 12v they send me 24v power supply. so my plan was i would somehow use some kind of mosfet with potmeter and this driver to run my 3w leds and make then dimmable so im wondering is there big differnece if i use 24v or 12v ..!

power supply is
its says thats its Dimmable via low voltage LED Dimmer .. what that mean ?


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With a 12V supply you would probably wire 3 leds in series. With a 24V supply you would wire 6 leds in series, maybe 7.

Post a link to the power supply you received, and the leds you plan to use, and we will check.


Yes, post the LEDs. 3W LEDs are likely to need a current controlled driver, and not just a simple resistor.
A LED driver like what's found on this board
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power supply

this is power supply and these are leds..



I don't think that power supply is suitable for those leds. The power supply is constant voltage. It is suitable for 12V led strips. Those leds need a constant current power supply.

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