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12V line is connected to the VIN on Arduino and DC relay module i powered from 5V DC Output from Arduino.
5 V line is from Arduino stabilised output, and 12 V from stabilised DC PSU.
Good to see you got it fixed, but if you had supplied all the information requested, including a properly labeled circuit back at post#2, that is 12 posts ago your problem would have been solved then.

Please go and add   [SOLVED] to the title of this thread, because you started the thread, you can edit it.

Can you please post a copy of your new circuit, in CAD or a picture of a hand drawn circuit in jpg, png?
Including your regulator etc etc.

Tom.... :)
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Tom maybe it could be solved quicker but please notice that it was 2 separate problem with deferent causes, so problem no.2 definitely can't be solved 12 post ago because then i was not aware that it exist :-)

But You are right full schematic can make everything quicker and easier.

I will upload schema and full description about a problem and how to solve it shortly.


As a footnote to porlocks problem of the voltage Rising by about 30mv.

He reported a voltage Increase when the relay was activated, which was surprising, so I duplicated part of his set up and ran some tests.

When the Nano was operated from USB power, when the relay activated (68ma) the expected voltage drop of about 30 mv was seen.

If I fed a linear regulated 5v into the Nano I got the same results.

However feeding a linear regulated 12v via the jack plug, a Rise in voltage of approx 30mv was given, confirming his problem.

Both his and my Nanos are clone boards and they use the AMS1117 regulator. ( input voltage max 15v)

Running the same test on my Genuine Arduino board  with  a NCP(?) 1117 ( input voltage max 20v) it worked normally, giving a small voltage drop.

So seems its a thing down to the AMS regulator, news to me, though not a charactristic I had looked for.

Also ran the same tests powering the Ardunios with a couple of the cheap digital buck and boost regulators which were more stable than the linears regulators, only dropping by about 10mv.
Trouble there is a lot of debate about using that type of regulator for delicate micro devices ?


Also PCB track width acting as current limit resistors if too narrow.
So not just a component problem, but a PCB quality problem.

Tom..... :)
Everything runs on smoke, let the smoke out, it stops running....

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